Time to update!

Actually, its way past time to update... :P

While I get together a couple of new posts I have in the works, I will leave you with A quick recap of the last year or so. :)
Man, I am awesome at this whole blogging thing! ;)

Summer began with a trip to the beach, and we had a great time!

Then I made my first Wedding cake, a massive 5-tier cake that didn't fall over, so I guess it was a success. :)

My oldest started her last year of preschool! Look at her, "all grown up!"

I had two little princesses at Halloween, and spent way too much time making their costumes. :P

Christmas was great and I almost got a good picture of the kids, at least they were all looking at the camera...

My baby is growing up way too fast!

And I am another year older. It's OK though, because my wonderful children made me a wonderful cake!

Seriously, wonderful! Uh-mazing even!

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My Loves

My Loves
What happens when I try to get a picture of all three.