Art Party Fun!

Today was the day!  We celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday.  
I've seen quite a few art parties bouncing around the internet, but it is such a perfect fit for my 5 year old, that I had to plan one for her!

Here's my girl in her birthday outfit, ready to party!  :)  (see here to read posts about her outfit).  

A little pre-party twirling while waiting for her friends.  

All set up and ready to go!  I was so happy that she only wanted a few of her very best friends, the perfect amount of kids to keep it fun, but also totally manageable.  :)  

I found these great children smocks/aprons at Oriental Trading Co. as well as the cups with paper inserts for the kids to color.  This was our "warm-up" activity.  :)  crayons and markers to color and decorate the cups and paper table runner. 

Paint splatter cake!  Sort of matches her birthday outfit, and was really simple, which was great because at this point, I was starting to run out of preparation time...  ;)

Pinwheels for a fun splash of color!  (Tutorial found here).  I made extras so everyone could go home with one.  

Love this smile!  Everyone seems to be having fun.

Next up, the messy part!  

 8 x 10 art canvas so the kids can paint their own masterpiece!

Everyone seemed to have fun with this!  All the paintings were so different and so colorful!  I Love that its not your typical party favor. 
 I was really happy to see all the kids enjoy this and do such a great job.

Oh, that smile!  

Seriously, amazing kids!

Even her little sister enjoyed herself.  (I definitely need to frame this one)!

Before, we put the paints away, the guests put their hand prints on a canvas for the birthday girl.  A reminder of her friends and the party.  

After a break for lunch, it was time for cake!  Little edible blank canvases for the little artists.   I baked these in jumbo muffin tins, cut the tops off, and flipped them upside down.

This was what Kallie was really looking forward to, everyone she talked to the week before, she would say, "You get to decorate your own cake!!"  

And they enthusiastically did!  

With a little help, of course.  :)

Helping my middle child.  Its not often I'm on this side of my camera.  

Although, she seems to be doing a great job all by her self!

Five candles on her little masterpiece, how are we at five already?!

Make a wish!

Last up, the goodie bags.  All the guests took home their cups and artwork, and the supplies they used (smocks, paint brushes, palettes) as well as a pinwheel and some play dough so the fun doesn't have to end when they go home!

But, of course, they get to do one more project, and decorate the goodie bags before they go!  

We had such a great time, and really, an art party plans itself.  The projects keep everyone happy and busy, and it was actually the most stress free party we've had.  I wish I could do the art party every year!  :)


2 Responses to “Art Party Fun!”
  1. nisha says:

    Wowww.... A very well planned one. I am sure the kids would have enjoyed a lot :-)

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