Twirling, Rainbows, and a Very Happy Girl

A few days ago, I posted This tutorial for my daughter's 5th birthday shirt.

And because I know you are all on pins and needles waiting to hear what kind of skirt I paired it with, ;) I will tell you.  I found a great tutorial here.  Its a circle skirt, so it is super twirly!  Which is perfect for my birthday girl!

I made it in the same fabric as the applique, and this picture is the only still moment in at least 20 minutes of nonstop twirling and spinning!  

Such a fun skirt!  She just couldn't stand still while wearing it.  :)

Look at that spin!  I think I need to make one for myself.  (Luckily the tutorial included adult size instructions).  


Updated to add, the party turned out great!  Kallie was super happy and I think everyone had a good time.  You can see it all here

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  1. Firefly says:

    I think I will have to make this for my little friend who's turning 3. Your daughter is adorable and obviously VERY happy! Your three little ones are a great bunch!

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