My "Little Man" turned one!

This is my baby. Only, officially, he's not a baby anymore. We recently celebrated his 1st birthday.
We didn't have a large party, just family over for dinner. However, I had to make it memorable. He may not remember the party, but hopefully he can look back at the pictures and love it. I know I will!

To make my little man look dapper, I appliqued a tie and suspenders on a onesie for him. Soo cute, and so easy!

Of course, everyone needed mustaches!

They were made by sandwiching a craft stick between craft foam. Things we already had around the house, and all the kids loved playing with them, they thought they were hilarious in their mustaches. (The adults had fun with them too)!

He had his own smash cake. (Although, I must admit, its not the first time he's had cake. We ALWAYS have cakes in this house). :)

I piped some mustaches and ties for the cupcakes. I was really happy with the way they turned out.

I love how he looks so relaxed like he's chilling in his high chair. So naturally cool!

And boy did he love the cake!

He was a little upset when we took it away. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have stopped until it was gone.

I cannot believe how fast that year has gone by. He is my last baby, and not supposed to grow up so fast! If anyone learns how to slow time, please, let me know!


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