Simple Applique How-To: A Tutorial

 Here's my first attempt at a tutorial.  We have my oldest daughter's 5th birthday this weekend, (I can't believe she is already 5!  Where does time go?!)   For her party, I am making her a shirt with a 5 on it, and a matching skirt!  :)  Since it's my first tutorial, I thought I would start with a very simple one, an appliqued shirt.  It can even be done if you don't have or want to use a sewing machine. 

All you need for this project is:
A shirt, or anything else you want to add the applique too
Fabric and design you want to applique
Iron-on adhesive (I like Heat-n-Bond)
Optional: Sewing machine, coordinating thread

First, decide on the shape you want.  I drew the number 5 for a template to use when cutting out the fabric.

 Then cut out your pattern.

 Cut out the fabric you are using to applique.  I just cut a basic outline around the number 5.  I'll cut the actual number out later.

 Cut a piece of the adhesive approximately the same size as your fabric.  Then iron the fabric to the adhesive, (follow the adhesive's instructions).

 The adhesive backing makes it much easier to cut out your shapes.

 Cut out your shape now.  :)

 Now you will peel the paper backing off of your design.  This will leave the adhesive on the back of your fabric.

Decide on the placement, and iron it on.  :)

At this point, you can be all done.  The Iron on is made to be washable and should hold.  However, I do pull out the sewing machine now and outline my appliques, just to be sure it will really last for the long haul.

Your can use the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine, or as I prefer, one that looks like this.  Either works.  :)

 Stitch around the outline, and your all done! 

 There's your personalized shirt!  Great for birthdays, or photos, or just for fun! 

Next up, the most colorful, twirliest skirt I can make! 

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