Tutorial: Pinwheel fun and party decor

So I am still working on getting ready for my daughter's 5th birthday party.  Its and art party and she is pretty persistent that all the colors of the rainbow play a big part in the decorations.  So what better way to add color and fun than with some pinwheels?!  :)  

Here's how I made them:
First gather everything you need.  I used colorful foam sheets, but construction paper or even scrapbook paper would work as well.  Something with two different sides would add a nice touch.  Then you need a dowel rod, some craft wire, and any sort of small beads.

You will need to cut your sheet of paper into a square.  The easiest way to do that is to fold one corner down until it meets the other side, and cut off the excess.

Cut from each corner to about a half an inch from the center of your square.

You will want to poke the end of a piece of wire through the center of your square.  

Then bring the same side of each corner to the center and poke the wire through, each corner should overlap.

Add a bead and wrap the wire around it.

On the back side, add another bead to keep space between the pinwheel and the stick.  Wrap the remaining wire around the dowel, trying to hide the end of the wire.

 Now you're all done!  It may take some adjust and fiddling with the wire so that it spins freely, but your pinwheels should work great.  They will certainly look great!  :)

 Plus when the party is over, they make a great addition to the goody bags! 

I love how fun and whimsical a pinwheel is.  Enjoy!


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