Before and... Well, Just Before - Kitchen Redo

We decided this past weekend would be the perfect time to paint our kitchen.  This would be a before and after post about how that went, but with 3 small kids, the weekend is over and it is still a work in progress. 

 Now, I remember why we put the kitchen off for so long.  It is not a quick job.  

 The white paint already in the kitchen here was probably almost as old as these cabinets themselves...  and, looking closely, could barely be considered white at all. 

 So, to make sure we do the job right, the shelves were emptied in order to paint every inch.  (So we don't have to do this again for a long time)!  ;)

 Turns out there was a lot of stuff piled into those cabinets, and now they are spread out throughout my house.
Maybe its time to plan a yardsale... 

 Luckily we had good help.

 Unfortunately though, the kiddos lost interest in painting under the shelves about 2 minutes into this, and I had to fit myself underneath the cabinets to finish.
I'm definitely getting to old for those sort of jobs.  
 Miraculously, they did manage to get some of the paint on the walls... 

 Even the little one joined in, and we only had to paint over a few tiny hand prints.  

So our weekend project has moved into the week.  Hopefully though, we'll be able to move our things back into our kitchen soon.  Although, the kids do seem to like that we've had meals like pizza and picnicked in the living room, since our kitchen is empty and all its contents are covering the dining room table.

Here's to the "After" pictures coming soon!  (I hope).  :)


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