Happy Easter!

 Well, Easter is now over, but the plastic grass will last forever...  

We had such a great Easter spending the day with family.  And, I think this might be the cutest my kids have ever been.  Until they got into their chocolate and jelly beans.  Then they were a chocolate-faced, sticky-fingered mess.
This may be my favorite picture of all three that I've gotten, even though nobody's looking at the camera.  

Seriously, this pictures makes my heart melt.  

 I made the girls dresses with a pattern (Simplicity 7144), So I have no tutorial.  Although I did add a sash in coordinating green.  It was a piece of fabric cut 7 inches and the width of the fabric.  Then sewn right sides together and turned.  (If you need further instructions, just message me!)  :)

 I am seriously going to be sad when they are older and no longer want to match or let me make their Easter Dresses. 

 And not to be left out, I made a bow tie for the Little Man as well.  A tutorial is on its way, and as soon as it's done I will link up to it here.  I think I may just make him a bow tie to wear everyday... I almost can't handle all this handsome adorableness.  ;)

That was our Easter.  Filled with candy, egg hunts, candy, family and a little more candy.  Hope you all had a great one as well!  


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice dresses

  2. nisha says:

    yours kidss are so lovely... And yes the outfits look perfect on them. Nice job :-)

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