Personalized Gift Wrapping

What a weekend we had!  

The weather was gorgeous, so we got lots done in our yard, and cars washed, and just lots of outside play.  It went by way too fast.  
To kick off the weekend, we celebrated Daddy's birthday. 

Instead of buying new colorful wrapping paper, I had some white paper left over from a Christmas party project, (wrapping various boxes in white so they kids can build an igloo, so fun).  

Then I gave the girls some sharpies and let them go to town.  They were so excited to decorate Daddy's gifts, and it kept them occupied for long enough for me to ice the cupcakes.  

I especially like this picture my oldest drew of Daddy.  It really captures his rugged good looks...  ;)

The girls had fun, and I think they were more excited for him to see the wrapping than the actual gifts.  

I think from now on I may just stock up on solid color wrapping paper for all the kids' birthdays my girls are invited to.  Makes it a little more personal, and fun!


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My Loves

My Loves
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