Repurposed Cereal and Clementine Boxes

Have cereal boxes or clementine boxes that you no longer need, and are about to go in the recycle bin?
Why don't you reuse them yourself? 

All you need is a little scrapbook paper and some mod podge.

Cute, right?!  :)

 I use mine in my sewing room, (Which you can see here) they are the perfect size to hold my patterns.  But they would be great for any where you need a little extra storage.

The clementine boxes are great, because not only are they sturdy, but if you have something small stored in them, you can stack them and save even more space.  (These hold baby food jars filled with buttons and whatnots perfectly!)  

If you have empty cereal boxes, just cut them down to size and cover the sides with your favorite scrapbook paper and some mod podge as well.  Great way to hold all of those papers you may have! 

And there you have it!  A super simple, super cute way to add a little bit of storage and make something old new again!


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