How to Rag Curl Your Hair

My daughter, whose hair is naturally straight as a board, loves her hair curly.  So we frequently braid it before bed so she can have the curls she loves so much.  Of course, braids just make the curls all crimpy, and the ends are always straight.  So, its not ideal.  Also she is completely afraid of a hot curling iron.

I remembered that my mom used to use rags to curl my hair when I was young, so I though I would try it out with my daughter's hair.  Here's what I did...

Start with some fabric you don't mind cutting up.  You can use an old sheet or pillowcase if you don't have a sewing room full of scraps.  

It doesn't need to be perfect.  I just snipped every couple of inches and ripped it up.  :)

When you have a bunch of strips about 6-10 inches long, you're all set.  :)

You'll want to start with damp hair.

 Then, just wrap a section of hair around the strip of fabric....

... and tie the fabric to hold it in place.  

Then grab some more hair and do it again!

Do that until all your hair is wrapped up.  Then go to sleep and let your hair dry over night.  Or if you are curling it for a night out, just make sure its all dry before you take it out, or it won't hold the curl.

She was very excited for the curls she was going to have at school the next day!

Unwrap the rags, and voila!  A head full of lovely curls.  

Kallie wanted her hair really curly, so that's what she got, but you can play around with how tight you wrap your hair, or the thickness of the fabric (thick socks instead of rags would make waves instead of curls).  

She wanted the super curly hair, but I'll tell you, I thought that the waves she woke up with the next day, after they fell a little bit, were just perfect!  I know I would love for my hair to look that.

There you have it, a no-heat, non-damaging, fun way to curl your hair.  Let me know if you try it out, did it work for you?



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